Health benefits of a midday snooze

Health benefits of a midday snooze

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A midday slump at work is not uncommon. Droopy eyes and the energy tank close to empty. The solution is a short nap, known as split-sleep, to recharge. After a half-hour snooze, they're not only perky and raring to go but end up more productive as well.
2 Jul 2016 - General
Priscilla, well while on duty, you may have a "protected time". Which could go from 3-5 hours that you could fit into your 29 hour duty, they have sleeping quarters but I think so does most hospital facilities. However, since it is accessible to other doctor employees too, I find it hard to sleep when the door keeps on opening every 5 minutes or so. Add that to the people talking with each other instead of going to sleep. Quality of sleep is not that great but at least I was able to ge...
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What a great idea! :) I personally love naps. I've been persistently sleep deprived ever since I started work, and can literally fall asleep anywhere, which is a great skill. I found an interesting review article here ( on the effects of short periods of sleep, or naps, on cognitive function. Of note, the review suggests that naps can help neurobehavioral performance, or at worst is...
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Mid day siestas are the best! You don't have to ask me whether I love a midday snooze, because sleeping anytime of the day is always a reward. In my personal experience, having a mid day snooze does not only energize the body for the rest of the day, but along with a good night sleeping habit would help a long way to energize your body and keep your brain from functioning at its best. Actually, some would recommend to have series of snooze sessions of at least 15 mins for better brain functi...
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Hi Esther, Thanks for your thoughts on this matter. I hope each company will be able to implement this kind of benefit to their employees. Do you work for google? Well that's good then if you are entitled to have nap pods. I hope hospital settings have this one too! In my case when I'm taking short naps, there are selected times to feel groggy and sometimes a so called "power nap" can easily recharged me up! So the effect might depend on each persons body clock and adaptation I...
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