Have You Ever Joined a Medical-Dental Mission?

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2 Jul 2016 - General

Have you ever joined a Medical-Dental Mission?

Every once in a while I join Medical-Dental Missions. When I was a younger dentist, I interned in the Military and I took part in countless missions. My surgical skills improved greatly because of my time there... the pressure, lack of proper tools and the absence of a true clinical setting put you in a position that forces you to work with the limitations. The people need your help the most--because they cannot afford to pay for treatments, so you try your best.  

In the last mission I joined, there were days when we were in an island and I discovered that their diet (predominantly seafood) has made their bones tougher, thicker and stronger. We all struggled but it was a welcomed challenge. The work was harder, but every victory felt even better. 

Have you ever joined a Medical-Dental Mission? What challenges did you face? If you haven't yet, what obstacles do you think will be hardest to tackle?



I have joined several outreach programs from when I was in high school where I would help out in the pharmacy to later as a nurse assisting in procedures to becoming a doctor and doing the consultation and surgical work. I really love giving my time to these missions. Yes they are very exhausting. Though despite my tiredness, entering into Zombie, giving my best attempts to remain alert and keep on smiling, I go home happy to have devoted time to help others. I have found one of the hardest prob...
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My mom works in the rural setting and I would join their Medical-dental outreach missions and health screenings whenever my schedule allowed. As the pharmacist dispensing the needed medications and giving out instructions to take these medicines, one of the greatest challenges is overcoming the language barrier. Many of the places where these outreaches and missions take place is in remote rural areas where the people speak their own dialect. Because of this, we had to find ways by which the pat...
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The only mission in trip I joined so far was a self-funded mission trip to Cambodia by my previous boss who's a Paediatrics cardiac surgeon. We spent 4 days in Siem Reap, near Angkor Wat, in a children hospital called Angkor Children's Hospital. During the time when we were there, we operated on needy children with congenital heart problems and it truly was an amazing experience, being able to utilize one's skill to help others. Such is the spirit of volunteerism. I would certainly l...
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Exactly Priscilla! The smile they give you, after a job well done, it is amazing. In the mission I mentioned, we saw a total of 1113 patients in dental alone, and that's not counting the extractions on a per tooth basis. The crowd, when we check outside of the window, is inundating. A little scary when you know there is a crowd to be served, but when we get to the final patient and can finally declare that we have reached the end of the day, the feeling is amazing. Good thing the sea did n...
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In my experience, I have never joined any dental mission provided that my cousin becomes to be a member of the local Dentistry Department in the region and is actively participating in these outreach. It never came accross my mind to join one. But I have joined several medical mission more of giving goods and providing health teachings. Maybe this has no big difference that of the dental mission. The most challenging part would be how will you be able to survive the journey towards the target ...
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