"trust your employees and they will work well"

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2 Jul 2016 - General

I found this article ( to be so moving and yet hard to reconcile with my worklife. Firstly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the author’s father’s extent of loyalty to a profit making employer. I guess the idea of self-care is very well drilled into my consciousness. (On the other hand, the amount of stair climing and heavy lifting must have been very good for his cardiovascular health and strength).

What really stood out to me was that ownership comes when you have to make decisions. This is so true for some patients who are much happier knowing that they can make choices, based on our advice, while others just want their doctors to make decisions for them.

I too agree with this as I have been in this position when I felt the employers need to trust the employees for better results. Making the employees work dominantly without inviting suggestions and mistrusting them leads to an environment where everything seems wrong. It also applies to the employees that they must take the responsibility of their actions to build trust on their employers. I too have come across this kind of situations when I trusted people for a better productivity of an organ...
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I have a single employee, she is my dental assistant and secretary. I trust her with everything and while I am her boss, I am also her friend. She is a superb employee. I agree with you and you know, I also let her make decisions because I show her that I trust her to know how to run things (the office part of the practice). This effectively delegates work and lightens the load for me, so I can focus on the treatment of patients, and not have to micomanage stocks, inventory and bills. Anyway, fo...
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