7 tips to keep your brain sharp

7 tips to keep your brain sharp

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Keeping your brain from degenerating and your cognitive capacity from declining should always be a top health priority. After all, that gray matter inside your head controls every vital function in your entire body.
2 Jul 2016 - General
I do agree with the article too, but I also agree with Dr. Theekshana. It indeed is difficult to keep up with the demands of the profession. Truth be told, I went on a 29 hour duty today and had a pretty benign duty. I went home, got a good amount of sleep and still felt tired afterwards. Sleeping in the hospital has never been comforting to me as well as not eating on time, it's the stress that's difficult to battle. But then it's not that I am not trying, we're doomed. All of t...
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I'd like to relate 3 of the facts mentioned in the articles to the lifestyle of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Having a good night's sleep, engaging in physical activity and maintaining healthy social relationships can be a bit challenging tasks due to the nature of our profession. Sometimes we have to keep ourselves running for several days straight without a proper sleep. We work a lot, but seeing patients, doing ward rounds and hours long surgeries do not count as physica...
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What a great surprise to know the 7th tip! Keeping our brain healthy in a way would be one of our top priority to work on with. The tips here being mentioned are most likely the guidelines on how we can preserve our brains ability to be alert. Keep on moving and never stop exercising our brain. Moving does not only keep our bodies perfectly fit but also can make our brain sexier as it is. According to Albert Einstein, "A mind that opens to new ideas does not go back to its original size&q...
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