Divorce among physicians and other healthcare professionals

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2 Jul 2016 - General

Professional obligations among physicians often conflict with personal and family life. While it has historically been suggested that long and sometimes unpredictable work hours among physicians may lead to higher rates of divorce, evidence on whether divorce rates among physicians exceed those in the general population has been limited and mixed.

A recent large retrospective study (which included 48 881 physicians, 10 086 dentists, 13 883 pharmacists, 159 044 nurses, 18 920 healthcare executives, 59 284 lawyers, and 6 339 310 other non-healthcare professionals) concluded that divorce among physicians is actually less common than among non-healthcare workers and several health professions. Although, female physicians have a substantially higher prevalence of divorce than male physicians, which may be partly attributable to a differential effect of hours worked on divorce.

As to my knowledge there isn't any study studies to compare physicians and the general poppulation in Asia, it would be interesting if someone conducted one. 

Reference: Ly Dan P, Seabury Seth A, Jena Anupam B. Divorce among physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States: analysis of census survey data BMJ 2015; 350 :h706

Yes Dr Amit, I wonder also if the divorce rates would differ between couples that are both doctors and couples with one of them being doctor, since logically if your spouse share the same occupation with you, he or she should be able to understand your situation. You're right in pointing out that both doctors might have different schedules which would make it difficult for them to spend quality time together as well. In the event that one spouse is not a physician, the reality of how much ti...
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It is a hard fact of life that work pressures and stress take a toll on one's personal life. Physicians having odd working hours do face the fact that their family life suffers. They have to recognise that maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse or children involves spending some quality time with. Rarely do both the parents get to spend good time with their children together. I e partner often gets stuck up or late in his job as an obstetrician or a surgeon or an emergency medi...
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