WHO Approves World's First-Ever Dengue Vaccine

WHO Approves World's First-Ever Dengue Vaccine

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The painful and sometimes deadly mosquito-borne disease is on the rise, but a new vaccine could help the most vulnerable populations
3 Jul 2016 - General
Thank you Maria and Lianne for explaining the situation in the Philippines. And Maria, sorry to hear about your family. I agree, new vaccines almost always bring controversial ideas to the discussion table. When a mobile phone manufacturer announces a new model in their phone lineup, people pay money in advance not even knowing how it will perform, but when the medical industry introduces a new technology, although it is backed by solid evidence people are skeptical. They do have a point, you c...
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There will always be skeptics where vaccines are concerned, but there is always a glimmer of optimism too. All that can be expected. The danger with vaccines is that it initially brings hope, but sometimes this positivity is not sustained. Yes, I've read that Dengvaxia has been made available in the Philippines. It is exciting. Dengue is a serious problem in the country—personally, I almost lost family to it, but not all people get lucky. I hope further trials could be started to strengthen ...
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I think here in my country, the Philippines, the dengue vaccine has been made available already. Our health department has also laid out plans for starting vaccinations in the public school levels in the capital region, though I'm not really sure of the status in other localities like the provinces. I’m also not sure if it is readily available nationwide and if patients can easily avail of it from their health care practitioners. Our country has had 200,000+ dengue cases in the past year and...
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2 months ago WHO approved the first ever vaccine against the potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus, Dengue. But the vaccine is not available yet in my country, Sri Lanka. The Ministry of Health states that a phase III clinical trial is required before it can be approved and made available locally, but there are no plans for such a trial in the near future. None of us have any idea when it will be available or integrated into the national immunization schedule. What's the status of the va...
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