Are 'health drinks' actually healthy?

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3 Jul 2016 - General

Daily we come across various television commercials which display the importance of the health drinks such as making an individual  stronger, taller and healthier and even intelligent. As a result of being encouraged from these commercials, many people feel proud to have a cup of such health drink once or twice a day. But do these drinks really contribute towards activating the gene and hormones responsible for growth and increasing the height?  The health drinks mostly consist of some kind of cereals, milk solids, traces of vitamins and minerals, flavouring agents and artificial sweeteners. When you are capable of having a bowl of cereals, a cup of milk and lots of veggies and fruits, is there a requirement of extra traces of cereals, milk extracts and vitamins and minerals in a healthy individual?

I had this query in my mind after I received a suggestion from a relative of mine who thinks health drinks are actually very healthy and then I came across certain websites which said that these are actually not required for a healthy individual who does not want to gain extra weight. Though, there are health drinks which are useful in certain medical and special conditions and are often prescribed by physicians.

Here is a website link which gives an idea about this 

What is your opinion on this? Are these actually healthy and a requirement for a healthy individual?


I have a feeling that when Indira is talking about health drinks, she is not talking about medically tested dietary supplements such as ensure. These are present in the formulary of many hospitals. I feel she is talking about the ones we can find on our supermarket shelves. I agree with Lianne. I believe that health drinks is not for everyone as long as long is following a balanced diet that is suitable for their demographic and health status. They are useful for supplementing the diet. But I th...
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Yeah. Thanks for bringing this up. I havent personally come across anyone in my circle of friends or family, or patients, who wanted on their own to drink ensure. Most people that take ensure (in my context) are probably those who are on nasogastric tubes, and can only have a liquid diet through the nasogastric tube. WIth the nasogastric tube, its hard even for conscientious and willing family members to blend diets for them, as it runs the risk of obstructing the tube, which will then need to b...
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I think these health drinks aren't really necessary and are not for everyone. I believe that receiving the right amounts of nutrients from the food we eat is more important, especially in the case of growing kids. If the diet lacks the right nutrients, these health drinks can probably help to some extent, but I think its best for parents to focus on feeding the right types of foods to their kids so that they can have all the nutrients needed by a growing body. Many people nowadays seem to wa...
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