The Use of Cannabis in Treating Epileptic Seizures

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3 Jul 2016 - General

Few years back research studies and clinical trials have been conducted to determine how medical marijuana works in treating patients with seizures.  A lot of people, most especially young children suffering from epileptic seizures are showing positive results from ingesting the cannabis oil.  The cannabis oil is widely used to treat patients with Dravet Syndrome, a rare genetic epileptic encephalopathy (dysfunction of the brain) which begins in the first year of life for an otherwise healthy infant.  Both patients and scientists have started to focus on the potential benefits of (cannabidiol) CBD, one of the main compounds in cannabis. There are ongoing clinical trials that are testing CBD on Dravet sufferers as well as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, another drug-resistant form of epilepsy. In the meantime most clinicians and researchers, including those involved in the trial, advise “cautious optimism” when considering CBD as an epilepsy treatment. Cannabis may be the much-needed treatment for a handful of people with epilepsy, but for now, patients should wait for scientists to clear the haze.

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While current available evidence for the potential therapeutic value of cannabidiol is not yet sufficient for approval, I think that cannabidiol is a potential and exciting treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy. I’ve seen 2 cases of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which have been on various combination treatments for seizures, but the patients still have short bursts of seizure activities throughout the day. This is very disabling for the child and the parent because they become so anxious knowing that...
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Since the new legislation in some parts of the world that made cannabis, or what's better known as marijuana widely available, we see more and more evidence flooding in with regard to the medicinal value of cannabis which I think is a good trend. Uncommon epileptic syndromes such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome mentioned in the article pose a real challenge to physicians because they are difficult to treat with conventional anti epileptic drugs. Evidence that suggest that cann...
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