Just what is Type-3 Diabetes?

Just what is Type-3 Diabetes?

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It is common knowledge that there are two subtypes of diabetes: type-I and type-II. Over the last decade, scientists have begun to ponder about the existence of other types of diabetes, and they may already have found one: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or type-III diabetes as some scientists call it.
3 Jul 2016 - General
Type 3 diabetes results from insulin resistance in the brain, termed as Alzheimer's disease. Insulin resistance in the brain is known to cause progression in the disease. Though type I and type II diabetes are associated with hyperglycemia, but Alzheimer's may not be associated with it. Alzheimer's causes impairment in a person's cognition. Plaques develops in the brain which progresses and causes serious effects on the life of the individual. Diabetes is a risk factor for the d...
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