Meditation, is it really helpful?

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3 Jul 2016 - General

Meditation has been a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. Research on meditation has advanced greatly over the past decade. Many researchers are trying to uncover the mysterious relationship between the mind and body with sophisticated state of the art technology such as brain wave analysis and thermal/nuclear imaging. And they all seem to point at one thing. Control over our mind means better health and longevity.

Is any one of you used to the habit of meditating? Is it worth spending time on? Has meditation helped you achieve the utmost peace of mind and body? It would be helpful for everyone here if you could share your thoughts and experience about meditation.

Hi Amith, thank you for your thoughts. I completely agree with you. We often fight with ourselves to overcome internal conflicts. Amidst all the commitments we have to fulfill as medical professionals and family members, it can be very tiring both physically and mentally. Meditation gives you the freedom, the ability to think straight and not be carried away by your own feelings and emotions. When you are faced with a situation where there are more than one equally challenging options, the untam...
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Ancient Indian mysticists and scholars have always recommended daily meditation as a tool towards achieving self-realization. It is often said that prayer does not change things for you, but it changes you for things. The same is true for meditation. One realises that there are some things beyond your control and you need to adjust your mind to the surroundings. There is also the question of taking right decisions and making the right choices. Meditation will help you in this regard. It will t...
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