Emergency Cart to Open or Not to?

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4 Jul 2016 - General

The definition can be taken from the word itself, emergency cart. But we have this situation in our hospital, dealing with marginalized patients in an emergency situation. Most of the time of course we do respond and give everything to them in such cases but ending up having our E-cart empty thereafter. Now the problem is that patients couldn't afford to replace what has been used during the code and our station ending up empty handed. And the worst thing, we pay for whatever is lacking at times.

If you we're in out situation, can you ever blame us not to give what is just and right to patients? On the other side, not to mention that sometimes we tend to think not open the cart because the sad thing is that, we tend to compromise. Which is unfair!

Can you share your experiences having this scenario? And how to respond with this?

That is plight for us in developing countries. The need to go into McGuyver mode where you create make-shift stands, bandages and the sort. The need to re-use materials and to be extra frugal with supplies is there. I know for out-patient surgical procedures we would set aside a closet where we would stock supplies for patients who cannot afford to buy them. In emergencies this is difficult to do because Epinephrine is not something you can easily set aside. I completely understand our nurses wh...
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This is indeed a predicament of the developing countries where a major proportion of patients still pay for their own treatment and the question which arises is how much or how little is enough. When a healthcare worker has to decide about treatment options depending on the paying capacity of the patient, it is not going to be an easy decision at all. Such a situation often arises in India, and in Medical situations where there is no direct emergency, it is often possible to weigh your options a...
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