Notorious office ‘cake culture’ blamed in part for tooth decay, obesity

Notorious office ‘cake culture’ blamed in part for tooth decay, obesity

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Bringing doughnuts, cupcakes, and biscuits to work might do more harm than good. According to a group of Britain-based dentists, the office is where most people consume sugary treats, directly contributing to tooth decay and weight gain.
4 Jul 2016 - General
Yes Winnie, I agree with you. The people around us really affect our habits too. When I was living alone, I stored-up on healthy snacks. It was difficult when I went back home to my parents where junk food and food (of all kinds) was abundant. It was hard to ignore. Same thing when I started working outside of my practice. It's something to be snacking on your own and another to have "companions" when you eat--it's double the fun. Ultimately, we just have to be accountable for ...
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This is so very relevant. Sometimes the habits of those around us, such as our family, colleagues and friends can influence our habits greatly too. A study that was published in the NEJM ( showed that the spread of obesity and unhealthy habits amongst one's social circle and social network. I too have a sweet tooth and have needed to make a lot of effort to control my craving for sweet food. Visiting the dentist regularly to monitor...
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Abandoning the cake culture is not going to be easy. Snacking healthily is not easy to do; but where one’s well-being is concerned, making healthy choices really is important. You are what you eat, and eventually, all your life choices will take a toll on you. I know that well because my father suffered from hypertension, diabetes and eventually kidney disease. A cascading effect brought about by bad choices. Now in terms of dental caries, I have a confession: I have a sweet tooth. A dentist w...
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