Takeaway: The robot clinician

Takeaway: The robot clinician

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You’re old, you live alone, maybe you lose your glasses a lot or you forget to take your medicine on time.
27 Jun 2017 - General
Hi Madhubabu kaaja . Thank you for sharing your thoughts and situation about robotics. In the Philippines, I have not heard of the presence of these robotic clinicians. As Priscilla Mae Gobuyan has mentioned, robotic clinicians are not a necessity in the Philippines due to close family ties. Elderly population get proper care and a...
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I share the same sentiments Priscilla Mae Gobuyan . While this robot maybe beneficial in detecting early signs of movement disorders, it cannot replace the advantage of direct human supervision to prevent falls and other accidents of the elderly. Living in a nursing home is way better than living with a replacement for human aid. To add to the cons of robots as nannies, it prevents encouraging social interaction ...
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I am not in line with this kind of proposal because it simply tolerates the fact that elderly should live alone. I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have their family to care for them all the time, but I am saddened that people will soon live and be cared by robots. I just could not imagine myself living with a robot in the future. We are lucky here in the Philippines having close family ties and everyone seem to be caring for us up until people die. Unlike other countries, once they get...
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