Understanding déjà vu all over again

Understanding déjà vu all over again

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The feeling of having lived a scene, or more formally known as déjà vu is not a new feeling for many of us. Even so, little is known about the phenomenon. Here is a look at what we do know about déjà vu.
10 Jul 2017 - General
I dont have any explanations for this either. I would occasionally (rather once in a blue moon) have bouts of deja vu. All of my deja vu moments are from dreams in sleep. Sometimes i remember the dream, sometime i just forget about it after waking up from sleep, but when something happened in real-life, it matches exactly the way i remember how my dream was. usually it is events lasting a few seconds though, and it is of nothing significant, just mundane daily life events. fascinating but doesn...
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