Children who over-use their smart phones 'risk becoming CROSS-EYED'

Children who over-use their smart phones 'risk becoming CROSS-EYED'

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According to researchers in South Korea, the symptoms in many of the children were reversed by discontinuing mobile phone use for two months.
16 Jul 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for giving us another angle to discuss about this topic and for pointing out that psychological disorder and cognitive function can also be affected with excessive use of gadgets. I agree that parents should not only partake in regulating excessive phone/ tablet use but also set a good example by practicing what they preach too. It takes good discipline to curb a growing socially accepted...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Thank you for adding on to the possible list of complications with excessive smartphone use. Focusing on an show for a long period will not only promote lazy eye but also make the brain idle as you pointed. Studies involving children show that only the occipital lobe is engaged when playing with videogames. The frontal lobe which is tasked for memory and motor planning is completely bypassed wit...
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Acquiring strabismus aka cross-eyed is another disadvantage that stems from allowing young children to use tablets and other gadgets without restrictions. Parents must be aware that eye is also composed of muscles that are developing as children age. Staying glued to a particular show for an extended period of time will render these muscles inactive and may cause ocular muscle imbalance leading to strabismus. Instead, parents should encourage reading more books that engage the eye muscles while ...
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