Technoference: The New Concern in Parenting

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16 Jul 2017 - General

photo from: iReTron

Technological advances have made retrieving news and information and providing entertainment more convenient than ever. However, pathological use of technology can cause   our child's emotional growth to be impaired if we constantly prioritize social media over turning attention to our children. This habit is more commonly known as technoference. Technoference is defined as interference by technology to provide adequate parental care.  Technological preference over parental support is a pressing concern that should be disseminated to the general public. 

Chih Chiang Nieh That is so true! I miss the days when people engage their children in board games, tell stroies, and sing along together. It seems that the priority of most people today is to stay updated and refresh their social media accounts every minute. Children pick up on these habits too and few want to play with their friends without the aid of gadgets. Good parenting skills require to give at least 30 ...
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