Exercise: The Best Medicine for Doctors and Patients

Exercise: The Best Medicine for Doctors and Patients

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Almost any doctor will agree that exercise is a great preventive and helps keep people well. Most will even acknowledge that regular exercise helps manag...
17 Jul 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja thank you for pointing that out. Yes the title is misleading as any healthcare provider who is sick is also a patient. There is actually room for discussion with your comment since it generally turns out that healthcare providers are less compliant with treatment or lifestyle modification. Everyone in the healthcare profession must remember that extensive knowledge of health and human anatomy and p...
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The National Physical Activity Plan was born in the US on 2010 with the goal of encouraging people to move again. Biking, walking, taking commute, playing with kids, and other more activities that utilize the lower limbs define moving. At the heart of this plan is the role of healthcare providers to encourage an active lifestyle. Upon reading this, I wondered if most of us really encourage people to be physically active. In my daily clinical routine, I try to emphasize to the patient why exercis...
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