Rabies claims fourth life in Sarawak

Rabies claims fourth life in Sarawak

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KUCHING, July 17 — The fourth rabies victim in Sarawak has succumbed to the disease at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) here today, just four days after the disease of the dog claimed the life of the third victim. In a statement here today,
18 Jul 2017 - General
It is sad to see news like this of children dying at such an early age. As I previously mentioned in another topic concerning rabies mortality, we must be vigilant in spreading the importance of getting anti-rabies shots if one is bitten by an animal. Lack of available anti-rabies vaccines in the vicinity should not be an excuse in the delay of management of animal bites. Every government should have a sound system in place for preventing rabies from claiming lives due to inadequate or inaccessi...
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