Foot specialist fired for selling fake implants to patients

Foot specialist fired for selling fake implants to patients

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After a previous run-in with the law, the Ottawa chiropodist is kicked out once again after patients reported that they had unknowingly been given knock-off implants.
19 Jul 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that selling of fake implants should have a very harsh penalty as it poses health risks to unknowing consumers. It is very unfair that this podiatrist combined selling of fake implants with a false sense to patients that they are getting the original product. The patients deserved to receive their preferred standard of treatment yet this professional op...
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Ivan Chau Kindly report your concern to the MIMS website. There are times too when other community members have reported difficulty in opening, downloading, and even uploading links to this website. I am glad that you are participating in this community as we would love to hear more input from the Western side of medicine. It would be a thrill to compare how healthcare practices in our respective countries will f...
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Chih Chiang Nieh I am amazed that this guy is only suspended in one state to tell you the truth. The chances of him doing a devious act in a different field or place is very high as it seems that he is very comfortable with scamming people. This man should not be allowed to do anything within the realm of the healthcare profession as his actions leave his victims with devastating results. Thank you once again fo...
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One of the most discussed topics in the healthcare field is ethical misconduct. This foot specialist in Canada was proven to replace clinically proven stents with his own fabrication without the patients' consents. A written and informed consent should be given to every patient and each one has the right to choose the treatment they desire. Though he may not be able to practice again in Ontario, the punishment was rather a slap in the wrist considering that his former patients will need revi...
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