Teeth-grinding among teens may indicate “bullying”

Teeth-grinding among teens may indicate “bullying”

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A study suggests that teenagers who “grind” their teeth while sleeping may have been bullied at school.
19 Jul 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Most of the teeth grinding stems from anxiety due to variable factors that cause pressure. I think that it will be best to refer a child to a psychiatrist to further evaluate his/her troubles. Being aware and in control of what makes you stressed out will alleviate anxiety. A temporary solution that can be given to nocturnal teeth grinding is using of a custom night mouthguard. This protects the te...
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Chih Chiang Nieh It would really be difficult to notice sleep bruxism even in adults; hence, we must be observant for possible associated complications of teeth grinding. Moreover, parents should try harder and become creative in engaging adolescents with conversations about their transition from childhood to adulthood. An open communication and support from parents will really help reduce the anxiety in teenage...
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Chih Chiang Nieh It would be hard to detect sleep bruxism in adolescents though as they prefer to have their own room/ space. One must really be observant in their teenager's complaints that could signal to bruxism such as constant jaw pain. Guidance counsellors of schools must be more proactive today in seeing students more frequently to determine if a child is suffering from bullying. Thank you for sharing...
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