PH mourns another slain Doc

PH mourns another slain Doc

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A bounty of Php 1 million is being offered by the provincial government of Cavite to anyone that can lead to the mastermind of the killing of another government doctor who was shot inside his car on his way home.
19 Jul 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja The reason for killing this public health officer is still in question up to this day. What is more concerning is that there are no news updates about progress of investigation for the late doctor. It is really disappointing that the local and national authorities are brushing aside the death of three doctors this year and offer no solution on ways to improve security of health care officers in the...
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Chih Chiang Nieh No one really knows what happens in the provinces and as to why doctors have seemingly become targets of evil groups. It is really hard to speculate at this point. Killings in the province (I am not saying this is the case here) are usually due to differing political views/ parties. I really hope that the Philippine government does something about it before we lose willing servers to the barrios...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Investigation is still undergoing as to why the doctor was slain. I agree with you that the recent killings in the provinces wil discourage younger doctors from practicing in these areas of need. I wish that the Philippine government will really focus in this matter as it will definitely affect the quality of healthcare in rural areas if no solutions are provided to address this situation. Thank...
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The medical sector in the Philippines is mourning the loss of another physician who is serving in Cavite. I have to say that lack of security in provinces is really alarming and it will really dissuade the future generation of doctors from practicing in these areas. This is an urgent matter to address by the Philippine government as the provinces really need more doctors who can provide quality care. We cannot expect younger doctors from wanting to practice in these areas without the reassurance...
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