Suicide Rates For Teen Boys And Girls Are Climbing

Suicide Rates For Teen Boys And Girls Are Climbing

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The rate for girls has doubled since 2007, according to the CDC.
6 Aug 2017 - General
The most vulnerable group of commiting suicide will always be teenagers. Maybe because they are still emotionally unstable and feels like death could be a solution in their suffering. Parents play an important role in guiding their children in doing the right thing. Support system can also be a key factor in helping them to overcome the situation. Let us help these children by talking to them and encourage them to verbalize what they feel. Maybe all they need would be someone to hear their senti...
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Suicide is actually associated with depression and severe depression as defined by at least 4 of the below criteria, will warrant urgent psychiatric review.
S leep changes: increase during day or decreased sleep at night
I nterest (loss): of interest in activities that used to interest them
G uilt (worthless): depressed elderly tend to devalue themselves
E nergy (lack): common presenting symptom (fatigue)
C ognition/C oncentration: reduced cognition &/or difficulty conce...
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