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5 Jul 2016 - General

I work in a large private hospital where there are almost a 1000bedsand more than 500 doctors belonging to various specialities. There is a huge number of resident doctors, trainees, nurses,multipurpose workers and technical assistants. The hospital work force is close to a couple of thousand. There are several departments consisting of specialities and super-specialities. There are several academic and social activities going on in the hospital.

I have been working in this hospital for 13 years and i have seen it grow in leaps and bounds. Two new buildings have come up in this span of time. The hospital also generates its own power supply and has its own sewage treatment system. There are several new teaching courses offered by the hospital to various faculties and they are recognised by various bodies at national and intenational level.

Being a dedicated sub-specialist it often happens that you concentrateand get engrossed in your own work and do not really pay enough attention to other faculties in the hospital with which you are not in any direct contact. The individual departments hold their academic meeting periodically, and they are attended by consultant and trainees from those respective departments.However, in order to let everyone be aware of the advances made by other faculties and to let everyone know about the facilities available in the hospital, we hold a monthly common meeting of all specialities. To ensure that everyone attends this meeting, we even start the operation theatres after the timing of the meeting. This helps in everyone being aware of the happenings in the hospital and it also helps in buinding a team spirit. 

What measures are taken in your centre for collaboration and interaction between different departments?


Hi Amit! I’m glad you brought this up. I also work in a large private hospital (but probably not as large as yours). Anyway, we get to frequently collaborate with other health professionals through a multidisciplinary team meeting. It became common practice that any patient, with three specialists handling the case should have a multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss issues about the case, and to meet the family as well. Although this made my residency schedule really hectic, I find it partic...
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I do think that there is a silo around between different specialists (i.e. at least at the centers I have visited or practiced. From my context, such collaborations often occur when a consultant has gone to a western centre to see its benefits and brought the practice back and adapted it to suit the local culture. But it is often sad to see many specialists are not really interested in participating in them, with it being top driven where attendance is sometimes mandated. But off the hat, I can ...
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