Siquijor lists HBP as leading cause of morbidity

Siquijor lists HBP as leading cause of morbidity

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The provincial health office of Siquijor has noted that even high-school students are already suffering from high blood pressure, and wants a local ordinance passed banning unhealthy food and drinks in school cafeterias.
26 Aug 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your valuable opinion. Unhealthy habits do increase the risk of acquiring hypertension as you have mentioned. I used the term acquiring since this disease is modifiable. One of our unhealthy risk factors in the Philippines is using too much salt. We love putting sauces and using marinades in just about any type of food and this has to change to lower the incidence of hypertens...
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Hypertension is a silent killer as most hypertensives are diagnosed with this condition incidentally. It is a good initiative by the department of health to launch the May Measurement program in order to identify hypertensives and help them realize that lifestyle change should be in their priority list. The department of education meanwhile has banned empty-calorie, high sodium, and high fructose drinks from being served in cafeterias to train the younger generation in prevention from this modif...
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