The next stage in US’ war against exorbitant drug prices

The next stage in US’ war against exorbitant drug prices

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Politicians in the United States are pressurising pharmaceutical companies to lower the costs of their multiple sclerosis drugs (MS).
26 Aug 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja It is great to hear from you as you are most knowledgeable of pharmaceutical industry in the MIMS community. Working on generic drug production acceleration is probably one of the most feasible answers to the skyrocketing prices of medicines. Creating cheaper yet effective alternatives is a good solution to counter the more pricey innovators. Can you share some ideas on how this acceleration progra...
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I understand the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America's statement that profits are used in research to make new drugs; however, it is important to take note that only a portion of the profit is given back to research and the rest into their company's money well. Research is not an excuse for overpricing. We have to take note that the company who makes a new effective drug receives a ten-year patent where no other company can make a similar analog. The ten-year patent crea...
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