Good News… Weight Loss Can Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain

Good News… Weight Loss Can Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain

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Understand the symptoms and risks of Osteoarthritis
26 Aug 2017 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing your insight about reduction of osteoarthritis pain. Administration of pain medications as needed for pain is an integral part of encouraging the patients to continue daily activities without limitation. As you have pointed out, it is important for patients to be mobile in order to nourish the cartilage. As the adage goes, use it or lose it. Can you share some clinical ...
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Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis affecting weight bearing joints. It is no coincidence that obese individuals are more prone to developing osteoarthritis as the joints have to bear more weight. Think of the forces acting on the knee in the following positions as follows: 1.) walking - 0.5 x bodyweight 2.) ascending stairs - 3.3 x bodyweight 3.) squatting - 7 x bodyweight. Thus, a 10-pound weight reduction has a dramatic reduction of 70 pounds off the knees during squatting. We must always a...
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