Is Your Hand Sanitizer Causing Hand Dermatitis?

Is Your Hand Sanitizer Causing Hand Dermatitis?

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Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective reducing the spread of disease, but overuse can lead to severe hand dermatitis.
30 Aug 2017 - General
Chih Chiang Nieh Thank you too for sharing all your thoughts about proper handwashing technique and discussing the BLS anthem. The staying alive tempo really helps in doing emergency resuscitation as we are guided and reassured that the frequency of compressions is sufficient to keep the systemic circulation going. We really need to follow the recommended rhythm of medical protocols as these are backed by numer...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your own practice when it comes to hand hygiene. Soap and water will do great but most of us will say that it is too time consuming. Anything that prevents the spread of illnesses, even the minor ones such as common colds, should be given high priority. You have mentioned using alcohol-based sanitizer in your lab. Is this the same as the sterilium, a blue solution used for qui...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thank you for sharing your insights on the topic. Meticulous hand washing prior to seeing a patient is a basic part of good bedside manners. However, hand sanitizers become a go-to option when healthcare professionals feel that they are pressed for time. This could cause hand dermatitis if routinely done as most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. I still feel that handwashing is the way to go ...
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