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Rewards of Working in Healthcare and Medicine

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31 Aug 2017 - General

Although this career can be quite hard and demanding, it can also be quite rewarding. First of all, it gives you a lot of career opportunities depending on your preferences and your educational background. For example, if you’re interested in helping people and healthcare in general but can’t stand blood, you can work as an administrative specialist or something that’s not “messy”. And even though these jobs can be stressful, the pros are still much bigger than cons.

Job stability

Believe it or not, of the 20 fastest growing jobs, half of them are in healthcare. It’s simple – the population is aging which means more and more people need healthcare each year, and let’s face it – this is a job that will always be needed. Additionally, qualified doctors and professionals who have successfully passed the Undergraduate Medicine Admissions Test have job opportunities all around the world in every major city you can think of. Why? Because healthcare professionals can put their skills into practice no matter where they go. The medical profession is pretty standardized across the world, and capable people can adapt easily to the new environment and circumstances.

Benefits, working conditions and earning

Aside from the large paycheck, as a medical professional, you also enjoy a quite flexible work schedule and many other benefits such as health insurance, paid vacations and retirement benefits. The ones that are employed in hospitals will earn more than those working in small clinics, while the ones that are in supervisory positions will earn more than other professionals in their field.

Since hospitals are open 24/7, it means that there’s a morning shift, a day shift and a night shift, and the good news is that you can request a particular shift. In other words, if you’re a morning person, you could request to work mornings.

Finally, many healthcare employers will provide paid training to the employees who commit themselves to working for a specific period of time during their education. There is also an option to continue your education program at many hospitals – with tuition paid by and all that is billed to their account of course.


Healthcare is a great job for those that cannot stand the monotony. Every day is different from the next, there are countless challenges, you will meet dozens of new people daily and deal with a large variety of different problems. Also, you will probably handle many life and death scenarios, see different mental conditions, push your problem-solving abilities to the limit and be pushed to keep up-to-date with new technologies and procedures. In other words, the environment is definitely fast paced – which can be quite fulfilling.

Helping people

This is one of the best feelings in the world. Every day, many people put their trust into your capable hands, and you’re the one responsible for their continued well-being. You will assist people recovering from serious injuries and diseases and they will most certainly appreciate it. After all, it’s well known that medical workers are highly respected because of their ability to improve people’s lives.

At the end of the day, you know you’re improving the world; you’re doing good and helping people. And even though some may not understand how can you possibly put up with all that, remember that not everyone is capable of working in the medical or healthcare industry. Be proud of yourself because you’ve achieved something special.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bringing up the healthcare profession once again. Well I have to disagree with some points being mentioned especially with the large paycheck and paid annual leaves. i guess this depends on the country you are practicing and this definetly does not apply in the Philippines. Most of us here aren't happy at all with the pay and the only thing that drives me personally would be seeing my patients progress from ill to wellness. But to be honest, that shoul...
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