Analysis of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Identifies Multiclonal Heterogeneity of BRCA2 Reversion Mutations Associated with Resistance to PARP Inhibitors

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3 Sep 2017 - General

As a book has stated, Cancer is like a better version of the cells that we have. This is saying has its grounding in that cancer cells are often able to grow faster and divide more quickly. This allows the cells to be able to create resistance to a certain chemotherapeutic agent that is being used. In this aspect the battle against cancer is similar to the one against infectious diseases.

Shunjie Chua Thank you for sharing this article that emphasizes on how chemotherapy resistance sets in. Pretty much like in infectious diseases, cancer cells are able to alter molecular integrity with its fast growth. However, we must also note that the field of oncology is coping better with resistance development by launching new chemotherapeutic agents and alternative treatment options. The field of infectio...
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