True universal healthcare coverage must include wellness, preventive health services

True universal healthcare coverage must include wellness, preventive health services

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Universal health care should include wellness and preventive services so every member benefits and the prevalence rate of serious diseases is reduced.
15 Sep 2017 - General
I have to agree that prevention is always better than cure. Most healthcare professionals seek work overseas due to the inability of the supply to sustain the needs of their family. If we can encourage and provide more programs to encourage young individuals study medicine, then the scarcity could perhaps be lessen. Or shall I say, our government now has started to implement the said program providing free tuition to those who wish to study medicine in state universities in the country. In retur...
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Philippines government should also focus on producing more doctors in our country. Those who have potential to be a doctor should be given chance to study medicine by giving discount or an scholarship program. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways on how to solve the issue in lacking of doctors in our country. (Government or Private Hospitals).

Prevention is better than cure. Wellness should be thought to our children as early as elementary days. K12 program, it should include ba...
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philhealth can consider to put up community health center funded by philhealth not by the local government,promote primary health care attended by family physician instead of going directly to an specialist,in the philippines a simple cough and colds patient go directly to a pulmonologist,a simple diarrhea to a gastroenterologist,focus on prevention and early detection of leading diseases.Also doctors must learn to maximize the resources,a simple appointment means a lot to maximize the time and ...
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