Do you "sell" a certain intervention? Is it fair for patients?

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5 Jul 2016 - General

The informed consent is process is one that all patients should undergo before they undergo a intervention. It can be explicit or implied. During the process, clinical providers are supposed to provide the options, benefits and risks of a certain therapy, allow patients to weight their decisions before accepting patients’ wishes.

Although it should the comparison between options should be fair, I have seen clinicians advocate (Medical paternalism) selling a certain option through their tones, body language or their phrasing of their words during the informed consent process. Certain options (i.e. normally the option of inaction) might also not be mentioned. The selling of a certain option may be because of the purported benefit or just because it can earn an extra buck for the clinician

I was wondering to what degree has anyone seen the selling of certain therapies? And do you think it is fair for patients if patients are not offered all options with unbiased tone?  

Sadly, this is fairly common in medical practice. I'm not sure if its because some physicians have poor communication skills or they have other motives. Some examples would be a senior general surgeon, who lacks training in minimally invasive surgery will advice a patient to undergo open cholecystectomy, without giving the option of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This frequently happens despite the fact that laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the current standard of care for gallstone disease. I...
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Eileen, I agree with you that selling an intervention is not fair for a patient, who in most part is not aware of other medical options that have better patient outcomes than the one being sold. Now on the part of the clinician a practice comes with a price and sometimes it will take something extra to make it work. My stand on this is going back to primum non nocere, in all aspects of this exchange, will the benefit outweigh the cost on a patient who will be undergoing such treatment, I will si...
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