Showing consumers where to get healthy foods changes their buying habits

Showing consumers where to get healthy foods changes their buying habits

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A University of New Mexico study found that putting large arrows which clearly point to the direction of healthy foods in the grocery store increases the likelihood of shoppers buying healthier alternatives for their consumption.
5 Jul 2016 - General
I agree with Dr. Inserto, "healthy lifestyle" in the Philippines needs money to be maintained. Shops like Healthy Options and other specialty shops doesn't always capture the average consumer since it is pricey. Usually, consumers who resorts to "healthy eating" are the ones who are informed and well aware of this topic, and they are also the ones who usually has the resources to maintain such lifestyle. Still, the advocacy to stay healthy and eat healthy had reached the ...
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In Singapore, food that is health will be given a label in the shape of a pyramid. The will be a connotation on its health beneficial aspect. It may be low saturated fats, high fiber, low sugar etc. I do agree that retailer has a responsibility in informing the consumer how to select a healthier option. Besides having label to indicate healthier food choice, they must be subsidized to match the price of their counterpart. Singapore Government is looking into that. However, a lot of Singaporean...
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Here in my country (Philippines), I noticed that groceries situate the health food section so that it’s the first thing you see when you enter. Most groceries I go to follow that layout. And for that reason, I give it enough time. It’s the first thing I see, so it gets my attention right away. Unfortunately, my issue about health food here, is that it’s really expensive--even more so when you visit a specialty store. Actually just a few weeks ago, a friend on Facebook was complaining about the l...
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I often find it strange that MIMs does not contain the link to the original article(Original link: which often contains lots of nuggets of information which would be useful for readers who would like to replicate the study or use it. Given that produce is often more expensive(dollars per calorie), does it also mean that the customers bought less food?, how did they sustain it. Without a depth of knowledge, I find the findings relatively...
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