Stem cell transplant- a cure to multiple sclerosis

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6 Jul 2016 - General

Recently, a cancer treatment known as autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT) has been trailed and has reported improvement in the health condition among patients with multiple sclerosis. The procedure prevents the immune system from attacking the myelin fibres and nerve cells. This is known as rebooting the immune system till the time prior to causing sclerosis. The stem cells are withdrawn from the bone marrow and allowed to freeze. The patient undergoes high-dose chemotherapy to destroy the defective cells. The frozen hematopoietic stem cells are thawed and reinfused which causes the production of new normal stem cells. Risks such as nausea and hair loss have been reported.

Hi Indira! I am not an expert in regenerative medicine, but in addition to what you've mentioned, I have read that Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is a promising treatment for autoimmune diseases and breast cancer. For multiple sclerosis, it is currently in its Phase II trial. Comparative studies between intense immunosuppression with stem cell transplantation and mitoxantrone showed that the former is superior in terms of reducing active lesions on MRI in severe cases of...
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The possibilities and the future potential of stem cell research has always fascinated me. I do believe that with the current trend of advancement of stem cell therapies, it will be the ultimate cure for most of the degenerative and neoplastic diseases that we are struggling today to cure. If a precursor cell extracted from the bone marrow can be transformed to any type of cell in the body, imagine the possibilities. Pancreatic beta cells could be regrown and cure type 1 diabetes. Neurons could ...
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