What do you think of genetically modified foods (GMOs)?

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7 Jul 2016 - General

Since the 1990's, the development of genetically modified foods roused debates on an international scale. Despite the fact that these products have passed food safety assessments conducted upon national authorities, many people still doubt their safety for human consumption. Potential health concerns such as allerginicity, possibility of genetic transfer, and intermigration of genes from genetically modified seeds to wild crops, should be considered. Personally, I am not anti-GMO. But among the potential health concerns that I have mentioned, the possibility of genetic transfer bother me the most. For one, if genetic transfer is proven possible and GMO's gain international acceptance, it carries the disadvantage of decreasing genetic diversity and the capacity for adaptation. This affects ecological biodiversity as a whole and may interrupt food cycles across species. Secondly, the transfered genes may confer antibiotic resistance, which is potentially problematic. Lastly, the fact that the consequences of genetic transfer are still unknown makes me uneasy in supporting genetically modified foods. For now, these food products may pass safety standards, but who knows if undesirable effects can only be seen after a long time? As a health professional, what is your personal stand on GMOs? 

@Shunjie: I completely disagree with you that we should totally give up on this issue because it has already started. Just as a corollary, have you given up on finding a cure for cancer because its already prevalent? Also, do you have proof that genetic transfer as already occured through consumption of GMO's? I'd like to be aware of the evidence, if there is. Anyway, if you think this topic is no longer relevant, then I'll respect it. About your question on the relationship of antib...
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I think this debate has been delivered relatively late. GMO has already occurred. Commercial plantations with the crops has already been established and sales of the crops have already occurred. So there is no need to bother with the “if genetic transfer is proven possible” because it has already occurred. Although, GMO does decrease genetic diversity, it is just similar to what humans have been doing for many years by selecting for the best yielding crops. I do not understand what is meant by c...
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As a health care professional and as a consumer, I am quite conscious of where my food comes from, and usually like to read labels and try to get as much information on foods I buy. Regarding GMO’s, I agree that such food products bother me because of the uncertainty of their long-term effects, along with other issues like causing infertility, organ problems, immunity deficiencies, and issues you mentioned like allergencity and antibiotic resistance. Unfortunately, such foods from GMO’s have bee...
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