Pharmacists can help the elderly adhere to their medication regimen

Pharmacists can help the elderly adhere to their medication regimen

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Problems involving missed medication increases with age and failing memory, a new study suggests.
7 Jul 2016 - General
I agree that pharmacist should be the best one to counsel elderly on their medications. However in most settings in developing countries, pharmacists are hard to come by especially in hospitals. Nurses took the role with great effect as they are the one looking after the patient and giving medicine to them throughout the stay. Also that is why in some countries, patients are required to take their own oral medications (under supervision of nurse). We have too much spoon feed culture / "Dr t...
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I visited a pharmacist family friend of my family in the states, clinical pharmacists are the ones giving the discharge instructions regarding drug use after a patient is discharged from a hospital point of view. So too in pharmacies but the usual pitfalls of this approach is again being technical on the part of the pharmacist, which the patient will not understand though but if one is informed a clinical pharmacist's help is very beneficial because of the intimate knowledge they have on a d...
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Memory comes to decline as age increases. Any alteration in cognitive function may affect our day to day activities most especially to our senior citizen people. As to our local practice in the hospital, mostly of the population being admitted are geriatrics. As I can observe with my personal practice, they have verbalized that people mostly in their late 60's they're still capable of drinking their pills individually. As to early 70's they often tend to forget and leads to missed ...
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