‘Dentist of horror’ gets 8 years in jail for mutilating patients

‘Dentist of horror’ gets 8 years in jail for mutilating patients

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Jacobus van Nierop, the Dutchman “dentist of horror,” has been sentenced to eight years in jail in France for mutilating the mouths of more than 100 patients.
7 Jul 2016 - General
I just have to point out that this dentist who mutilated 100 patients got 8 years in prison as Michael Swango (from the "6 healthcare workers who murdered their patients" discussion) who killed a number of patients through poisoning got 30 months in prison to later go free and kill more. Though back to this article, the van Nierop's lack of emotion and the comment that he knew what he was doing is clearly a sign of a personality disorder and should not be labeled as psychotic. We s...
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When I started reading the article and it noted: broken jaw, abscess and septicaemia, I was thinking these are awful but quite common in surgery. But an excess of a hundred cases, there really is something wrong going on here. Finally, when I read that the courtroom reports stated that the dentist admitted responsibility and he said he “wasn’t interested in people” and could not even remember his patients --- I just felt sad. Doctors (all healthcare professionals, as a matter of fact) should, ...
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