Is head transplant possible?

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7 Jul 2016 - General

I'm sure somehow you've heard about this controversy. News came out last year that an Italian neurosurgeon, Sergio Canavero aims at performing a staged-human head transplant. This project is composed of two procedures namely, "HEAVEN" (head anastomosis venture) and "Gemini" (the subsequent spinal cord fusion). His probable patient has a rare muscle-wasting disorder called, Werdnig-Hoffman disease which makes him severely disabled and reliant on others for basic daily activities. He plans to freeze the patient's head prior to surgery. Vascular surgeons will then insert blood flow stoppers (made out of silastic), through the carotid arteries and jugular veins. Vascular and muscular anastomosis will then be performed. He then plans to cut both spinal cords using a diamond blade and re-anastomse this using a bioglue, made out of polyethylene glycol. In my own medical opinion, I dont think this is possible at all! He can attempt to do this, but he will most likely fail. I think the plan is feasible until the vascular and muscular anastomosis part. Although, I think it's technically difficult because the neck is a garden of blood vessels and muscles. This becomes science fiction to me when he plans to cut the spinal cord and glue it back together. This will most likely render the patient paralyzed for the rest of his life with the risk of death from rejection, systemic infection or neurogenic shock. What is your take on this? Do you think this is even possible?

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It sounds like something China or North Korea will do. We can cure 90% of cancer with head transplant. Just transplant your head to another patient. Maybe we can cure cardiovascular disease, renal failure, etc. A whole new set of body. Forget about losing weight, we can transplant your head to another person. In another 30 years, transplant your head onto a bionic body and you can eat all your want without gaining weight, Imagine tearing down your toilet as you do not need it any more. Well simp...
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We have not yet found something which will regenerate the neurons in the brain and spinal cord or the muscle fibres in the heart. These are organs which work continuously and their work is vital to the functioning of human body and continuation of the vitality process that we call life. I think that the idea of a head transplant is too far-fetched and it is incredible that the patient has consented to such a surgical procedure. There is no way it seems feasible in the scenario of currently avail...
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