Metformin- a step towards anti-ageing

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7 Jul 2016 - General

All of us are aware of metformin, which is used as a drug to manage type II diabetes. A few days back, metformin was in the news as a drug which was capable of extending the human lifespan up to 120 years. This may not seem practical but has shown evidence in extending the lives of animals.  Metformin increases the oxygen molecules in the cell. The drug increases the production of the enzyme adenosine monophosphate- activated protein kinase which slows down the ageing process. FDA has permitted the clinical trial in the US for the TAME (Targeting Aging with Metformin) study which would study 3000 elderly people treated with metformin and at risk towards certain diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and other health problems associated with ageing.

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Maybe I can start taking metformin from now on. As I have human genome, I am currently at risk of ageing. What do you have in your anti-ageing regimen? I packed for my wife a SPF 60 PA +++ sunblock, daily topical retinold for the face, vitamin C tablets and a whole load of laughters daily. I will likely hold of metformin first as she is still young and healthy. Will it be beneficial to her when she has absolutely no risk factor of cardiovascular diseases? Is it not strange that they claim anti-...
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That is a unique concept and a very innovative use of a molecule which has been of routine use in diabetes. It is known to a molecule with several different properties. The early satiety and decreased appetite caused by metformin is also a mechanism in its action as an antidiabetic. It has been also put to trials to assess it's usefulness as an adjunct to treatment of breast cancer. Another such molecule is Aspirin which has been shown some indications of playing a role in the prevention of...
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