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7 Jul 2016 - General

Recently in India, a Member of Parliament elected to the house in 2014, was inducted into the central cabinet of ministers. What is so unique in that? The uniqueness lies in the fact that this Member of Parliament is a practising Surgical Oncologist.

This Surgical Oncologist is a senior medical practitioner who has completed his training several years ago. He belongs to a family of politicians but hitherto had not forayed in the realm of politics. He had arranged a camp for cancer detection and during that he was noticed by a political party leader who induced him into joining politics. Even after becoming a Member of Parliament, he had continued to carry own his routine practice and surgery. 

The point I wanted to make was that there are several instances where doctors are simultaneously able to pursue several mutually different careers. Whether it is the medical training which enables them to handle several things at one time or whether it is a personal ability thing is anybody's guess. I know of two doctors who have been acting in several television serials and stage plays while pursuing their medical career with vigilance. Several doctors who are professional singers or instrumentalists also is not a rarity in India. Two questions. Is this pursuit of parallel careers a trait in the medical profession? Do you see such doctors frequently in your country too?

We all know Ken Jeong from The Hangover trilogy and the series "Community". I've done some research and I found out that he's an internist in California. Which is pretty cool, because you get to be a star in front of the camera while saving lives. Now he does full time acting but still gets to be a doctor (in front of the camera) in Dr. Ken, a sitcom produced and written by him. He's lucky that he has an alternate career like that because he can have long breaks and vacatio...
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In Singapore, a few of our Member of Parliament are practicing doctor. We have general practitioners, Orthopaedics surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Paediatricians etc. A few of our Ministers are doctors who stopped practicing. Basically doctors are highly educated and have the trust of people. Medicine and politics are similar in some way, to serve the people. Besides politician, I do not know of any who has any other concurrent career. There are doctors who gave up medicine to be pilots, bankers,farme...
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Hi Amit, I know of very few doctors in my country having parallel careers. Wha I do know are doctors who have changed careers and went into very different pathways. Their mostly very talented people who might have discovered that they may no longer like medicine as much as they did before or are in pursue of a better lifestyle. The recurring theme I've gathered is that they find the field of medicine too stifling as it requires a person to thing in a particular way. It is uncommon to hear of...
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Hi Amit! In the Philippines, there are also some doctors who also go into politics to serve their respective provinces. I'm not sure if this is because of influence, popularity, passion for public service or interest in doing other things, aside from the healing art. But compared to your country, I see more young doctors who go into entrepreneurship instead of practicing medicine. Some of them are heirs of family businesses, others lost interest in pursuing a medical career because it requir...
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