EURO 2016 semi-final - Germany Vs France

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8 Jul 2016 - General

The much anticiapated EURO 2016 semi-final of Germany Vs France will be live in the next hour !!! It should be an interesting semi-final match, and the winner will face the lucky Portugal team in the final !!! France team is in the semi-final of EURO since 2000, can they grab the advantages of being a host to go through it. Germany had knocked off France in the World Cup 2014, and eventually become world champion. Can history repeat again tonight, by beating France and then Portugal????  From previous head to head record, France has won six out of their nine matches again Germany. Who will be your favourite to go through tonigh EURO 2016 semi-final ??? I am going for France !!!!

Yes, unconvincing win for France, but they are in final !!. And Portugal is another team that is very lucky to go through to final, with main getting draw in most of their games (a win in penalty and 1 in extra time !!!! Really sorry for Wales, thought they can make the history to win EURO 2016.... Ronaldo is the deciding factor. Interesting to see France Vs Portugal in the final.. There should not be any reason for France not to win the title now, unless the heroic Ronaldo has another magica...
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Sorry about the defeat Wales suffered. It is a shame a better team lost in the semi-final game between Germany and France. Well France 2-0 defeat of Germany at Euro 2016 wasn't undeserved. It was simply a reflection of the nature of this sport. Whether yopu dominate or are dominated, sometimes winning or lsoing rests on other factors, such as luck or individual brillance. France seized the moment when the gods smiled on them. If goals is not a winning factor, Germany is a much better team b...
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