Fun fact: 5 top Highest paying job on average 2016

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8 Jul 2016 - General

Hi all, been wondering this for a while. Am pretty encouraged and excited to announced that these are the highest paying job in an increasing order.

1. Orthodontists are tasked with constructing beautiful smiles by fixing irregular bites and realigning crooked teeth. This is most often done through braces, but they also utilize retainers and other appliances to create an optimized plan for each patient.

Average income: USD $201,030

2. Both obstetricians and gynecologists manages women's reproductive health, though the positions are different. Gynecologists screen for HPV and other STDs, help manage contraceptives, and assist patients with issues like abnormal bleeding. Those who are also obstetricians, often referred to as OB-GYNs, deliver babies and monitor mothers-to-be throughout pregnancy. 

Average income: USD $214,750

3. Unlike a regular dentist, oral and maxillofacial surgeons go through an additional four years of surgical training to be able to perform surgical proceduresto the face, mouth and jaw, such as fixing a cleft lip or administering a face-lift. 

Average income: USD $219,600

4. Surgeons undertake a heavy job, opening up people’s bodies to correct injuries, diseases, or deformities.After completing a bachelor’s degree and four years of medical school, they must enter a surgical residency program, which takes a minimum of five years to finish. 

Average income: USD $240,440

5. It’s no surprise that anesthesiologists rake in the highest salaries in the country: They’re responsible for administering drugs that allow surgeons to complete painful, invasive procedures without discomforting patients.

Average income: USD $246,320

I read as well that Orthopedics is the highest paying and I believe that to be in the US as well. Though I also read the article where I believe Allan found got the statistics that Anesthesiologists are the highest paid. According to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2016 the highest paid are Orthopedics at $443,000 then followed by Cardiologists at $410,000 then Dermatology at $381,000 etc. Lowest paid are Pediatrics, Endocrinologists and Family Medicine in the $200,000s range. There s...
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Wow! As you can see, it is all medically/surgically related. They may be paid more but the responsibilities and the risks that come with these jobs are up high and I couldn't imagine the stress levels they may go through. Just by simply looking at them, it seems like everything looks easy and I don't know how they compose themselves when unexpected situations arise. I look up to these professionals, especially the Surgeons/Anaesthethist, they may let it look easy but the lives of each pa...
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