Man’s stem cell implant develops into tumour

Man’s stem cell implant develops into tumour

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Jim Gass had a stroke in May 2009 and was able to walk only with a leg brace and a cane. Desperate to recover, he had paid thousands of dollars for stem cell therapies at clinics in Mexico, China and Argentina.
8 Jul 2016 - General
Yay if clinically proven to work. Nay if no evidence to work. We are clinician and not witch doctor. Every treatment must be reviewed by an ethic committee before proceeding to clinical trials and further reviews. This reminds me of my stage 3 breast cancer patient who was promised a cure by a traditional healer and she defaulted on surgery and chemotherapy. She is no longer alive. However there is probably nothing much we can do. With the advent of internet, misinformation is ubiquitous. For th...
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