Exercising at home?? Read up!!

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8 Jul 2016 - General

Wants to stay healthy but you just couldn’t find time to exercise outdoor? Here is what you can do to remain

healthy with the comfort at your own home! Not only it benefits you physically but it also helps you with the


  • Vacuum entire house.

The motion of vacuuming is a great workout for your abdominal muscles (abs). Flex your muscles 1 at a time,

beginning at your pelvis and moving into your upper abs, and keep them flexed for the entire duration of your


*You burn approximately 190 calories per hour vacuuming. Increase the calories you burn by performing single leg

lunges every 2 to 3 minutes

  • Do calf raises as you hand wash dishes.

Start with your legs hip-width apart. Move onto your toes and hold for 3 to 10 seconds, and then slowly come

down. Repeat this exercise 10 times and do 2 to 3 sets with 1 minute resting between sets.

  • Clean all your windows to work your arms.

Use your left and right hands equally as you wipe in a circular motion. Reach up as high as you can to work your

abs, glutes and lower back muscles.

*You burn approximately 180 calories per hour cleaning windows

I agree with Shinjue. The calorie-burn on these exercises are worth nothing especially when you eat a 600-calorie burger and then say, a platter of fries (for just a single meal). 180 calories with cleaning the window or 1 hour, I mean, how many hours do you have to do this before it matters. You can do Zumba or kickboxing for an hour and burn 250-500 calories, depending on how tough the training is. These are adjuncts—nothing more. It will and can never take the place of actual exercise. But ye...
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I think that household chores can be seen as a good supplement for physical activity. But I do not think it should become the main avenue of it. Individuals should also be lulled into thinking that one can stop doing conventional exercise. This is because it may not allow the individual to attain the adequate intensity of exercise (as measured by heart rate) to allow a person to optimize his/own mortality and morbidity. From the data which has been provided by the author, house chores also have ...
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