Ways to prevent Post Holiday sorrows.....

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8 Jul 2016 - General

Getting away is blissful. Coming home? Not so much. The Unpacking, laundry, catching up on emails, etc, etc. Insanely tiring!! 

Need some tips to get back into everyday routine? 

1. Do prep work before you leave your home for your holiday. Do some tidying, vacuuming of floors, make your bed, empty the trash can, etc. This is going to help you instantly feel organized and get back to reality.

2. Shorten your first week back to work. Example, coming back home on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will eventually get you back to flow at work and have the weekend to recharge.

3. If possible, build in one day to rest, do laundry, replenish food in the refrigerator, and tackle other tasks. Therefore, give yourself a recovery day!

4. Book your next Vacation within the next 6 months. So when you feel sad about the current vacation ending,you can cheer yourself up with the upcoming vacation. 

5. Use your time on the plane or car ride back to edit your pictures so that you won’t have this big project hanging over you when you get home. Having an orderly collection of all the moments you really want to remember lets you enjoy them anytime you need a boost, so you can feel those same positive emotions you felt then.

This is almost automatic after completing a holiday---your mind and body refuses to back to reality. Haha. But I have a little confession to make: sometimes when I am away on a holiday and lounging under the sun and doing nothing; or say I am in a hotel room and pigging out on junk food and binge-watching movies, I feel really guilty. I feel I need to always be doing something productive---probably why I blog. So usually, when I am away, I am writing and doing something “sort of productive”. A...
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It seems that the article assumes that work is a necessary evil and one has to get away from it at times relax. I personally feel that the healthcare field is one that is deeply fulfilling and also one where there is constantly room for us to make improvement and utilize our skills to make people better. Rather than persistently thinking of getting post vacation blues, I would suggest that one changes their mindset about work, explore elements of improvement that one has not gone through before....
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I normally go on a holiday every 3-4 months to avoid post vacation blues. Each trip I will take 3-4 months to plan. Hence I will be planning for vacation forever. When i return from each vacation, I will start visiting the tourist spot in my own country to dampen the effect of post vacation blues. Going on holiday does not have to be some fanciful place. I like to go on a budget 3 times a year and have a lucrative one once a year. We only have a short life span and this world is a huge one, ther...
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