Brain chip does wonders for a Quadriplegic

Brain chip does wonders for a Quadriplegic

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The life of a quadriplegic is most definitely not enviable. With arms and legs paralyzed, quadriplegics are very much dependent on others to fulfil even the simplest of daily tasks. But perhaps, with the new technology, all might not be lost.
9 Jul 2016 - General
This is an interesting article. The technology is a couple years old and is much more advanced now than it was initially, but the possibilities and future potential uses of this technology are endless. The device implanted in this trial only used inputs from one neuron. What if we can collect neural signals from more than one neuron. It might be even possible to achieve control of all 4 limbs. For those who are interested, the link below has a short video of Ian Burkhart, moving his arm wrist an...
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