Is da Vinci Robotic Surgery a Revolution or a Rip-off?

Is da Vinci Robotic Surgery a Revolution or a Rip-off?

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A robotic surgeon with tiny lights, tiny cameras, and steady hands sounds like a miracle of technology. But what do the results show?
9 Jul 2016 - General
Hi Amit! While advanced technology have obvious advantages, I think in surgery, it has its disadvantages. For example, robotic surgery is a relatively new branch of minimally invasive surgery and a few surgeons are fully trained in this field. Its also difficult to evaluate if a surgeon's training is already enough for us to say that he has gathered enough skills to operate using a robot. For every new equipment or surgical technique comes a learning curve for every surgeon. For "beginn...
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The eternal assumption that latest technology is the best option has been the attitude of consumers despite the old adage which states that Old is Gold. While this old adage may not be entirely true about the medical field, it has been seen that rapid advances in technology requires doctors to change their techniques and strategies whether they like it or not. The cost of treatment is always escalating. The select few who don't mind paying for the allegedly best treatment will want to get it...
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