Artificial sweeteners- good or bad

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10 Jul 2016 - General

One of the things which we come across knowingly or unknowingly is artificial sugar. Most of us are concerned about our health and try to avoid the refined sugars which are known to cause various health problems among individuals. The refined sugars are the must to be avoided for a person with diabetes. Saccharin was the first artificial sugar which is used for more than 100 years. It came to be well-known by the late 60s as an artificial sweetener and was used in replacement of refined sugar. Once it was suspected of causing cancer in humans but research showed that it was true in animals and did not cause harm in humans. It is known for maintenance of normal body weight as it has no calorie and thus cannot contribute towards weight gain. It has also a positive effect in the prevention of teeth cavity but its effects in raising blood sugar level have not yet been identified.

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Are you a sweet lover? You can switch over to artificial sweeteners to enjoy the benefits of various sweet savouries without worrying about your weight!!

It seems that there are many sweet lovers like me!! @Theekshana Abayawickrama you can eat sweets till you maintain your BMI in between 18 to 25 as it is a well-known fact that BMI is an indicator of obesity. Related to causing diabetes, there is a possibility of getting diabetes mellitus type 2 if your sugar intake remains high although high intake of sugar does not directly contribute towards diabetes. Here is the link provided in support of my statement
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Artificial sweetener can be 'good' depends on your definition of 'good'. I guess weight control and still fulfilling your sweet tooth is a good side of it, plus according to other than the saccharin and bladder cancer in male rats there has been no other concern to carcionegenic side effect. However, after reading in many sources and discussion with many colleagues, we agree that it's not necessarily not harming. For instance, nutritive sweetener like sugar alcohol...
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Artificial sweetener saved my weight. Ya many years ago artificial sweeteners are linked to brain tumour, lymphoma, leukemia etc However all these have been proven otherwise. Am I right? Basically the science is they are many times sweeter than sugar yet poor absorbed by us. Hence a small amount can give a sweet sensation. I doubt there is evidence that it is linked to weight lost but logically speaking it may if the person do not eat more, I am certainly a sweet lover and I have been taking it...
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I went over the article in the link, and it’s a good thing that these artificial sweeteners are out there to still give consumers the luxury of having sweet stuff without the risks that too much sugar presents. Though saccharine has been shown to be harmless, I think people who love sweets but are conscious of their health can also opt to use stevia instead. It’s a plant whose leaves contain compounds that are sweeter than the refined sugar we know. Aside from this, it also has zero calories and...
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Sweet lover here! I love sugar so much that I need at least one extra teaspoon of sugar in my tea and drinks. Can this high sugar intake increase my chances of getting diabetes. Well that's an argument I've been having in my head for a long time. I'm an ectomorph with a crazy fast metabolism. Whatever I eat just gets burned up. I have to eat like a ton to gain a kilo of muscle or fat. (My BMI is 16.0) So as long as I don't gain weight, Will I have a problem? Can there be a thing...
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