EURO 2016 Final - France Vs Portugal

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10 Jul 2016 - General

Who is supporting the underdog Portugal in the EURO 2016 tonight ?? Portugal have been unconvincing so far in the tournament, but was able to negotiate through all the hurdles to go through to the final, well done to them !!! Can Cristiano Ronaldo free kick or strong header be the decisive different ?? In paper, France is much more stronger as a team, with a lots of player with the like Pogba, Griezmann, Payet, Giroud that can make the different. I would say Portugal will be heavily depended on Ronaldo, Nani might the surprise at time. Portugal might stand a chance if Ronaldo is showing up for this game, which he will usually do... I would say will be a 50/50 chance for either team to win, even thugh more pundits are going for France. I will go for Portual tonight.

Thanks Ziwei, no betting for me. The unpredictable result in this EURO 2016 made this tournament more interesting !! Portugal was initially nearly eliminated from the group stage, lucky enough to get 3 draw, and they won the title with an unconvincing fashion. The forever favourite England was eliminated by Iceland, I still can’t believe it!!! And I always thought the rising Wales has something special in them to win the title, but they did lose to the eventual champion. And Portugal won with...
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Congratz you made the right prediction. Did you bet and win any money? Portugal seriously has the blessing of all known gods in the world. This is the first match they win in 90 minutes and they did it in the final! How on earth did they manage to win this european cup? Now that the European Cup is over, it is time to catch up on my sleep. Hopefully when the English Premier league kick off, I have recovered from my fatigue. Anyway it is going to be Liverpool season next. Klopp factor. Just wat...
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