Assault on doctors : part 2

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11 Jul 2016 - General

This is a continuation of my previous posts on assault on doctors in India. Unfortunately the trend continues as people remain insensitive to the nitty-9of the medical profession.

One aspect of this recently came to my mind. The health set-up in India can be grossly divided into government and private sectors. The government sector consists of municipal and state and central government  clinical and hospitals which largely render basic health services free of cost or at a minimum cost. There are some large hospitals which have modern facilities but are over full. The private sector consists of small privately owned hospitals and large corporate hospitals. The cost of care in smaller hospitals is negotiable and at the lower end of scale and the cost in corporate hospitals is ever increasing.

The smaller hospitals are run by single practitioners or a group of practitioners who perform the duties of managing the hospital apart from their medical services. The corporate hospitals, on the other hand, are run by management graduates and they are run like a business. They have targets and the strategies are all directed towards earning profit. The contact point of a patient in a hospital has traditionally been a doctor. The difference in this scenario is observed in corporate hospitals. When patients face business personnel and not doctors while dealing with the illnesses of their loved ones, they tend to blame all the problems on the businesslike and professional attitude of people.  

The humane touch is lost and people tend to vent their anger on the doctors and the hospital. This problem can be curbed to a certain extent if the corporate hospitals try to retain their touch of humanity and not do only business.


I see. The case of government hospitals having low quality is the same as here. It is not that the abilities of the staff is substandard but due to the bulk of patients, lack of supplies and equipment quality of care drops. This is a reason why a lot of poor people opt to go to private hospitals as they try to seek for better care despite having to pay an arm and a foot to get themselves treated. To get classified as charity patients in a private hospital is not as easy as it seems as they go th...
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The bulk of quality medical practice in India comes from private and corporate hospitals. By private, I mean that these hospitals are owned and run by charitable trusts on land which has been provided by the government or which has been given to them on long lease with very less rent. These hospitals have the obligation to create a corpus using a percentage of their profits and use that corpus for free or subsidised treatment of poor or unaffordable patients. These hospitals come under the contr...
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I remember you first post on assault on doctors and I am still shocked on how the situation for doctors is like there. I hope the number of deaths hasn't been increasing and that there is some movement being made to improve this, so that doctors do not need to petition for firearms. Corporate run hospitals definitely lack the humane touch as their prime purpose is to make business. It is not part of their training to incorporate humanitarianism into their work so it is understandable yet sad...
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