Diet vs. Excercise

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11 Jul 2016 - General

What does works fast and safe? I have a friend that only eats apple per day then avocado the next day.

Hi Hertessa, I’m sure your friend has a hidden stash of potato chips and chips ahoy somewhere in his locker! Kidding aside, the body is really designed for survival. So if you drastically decrease the amount of calories you consume, it has undesirable consequences to the body. The expected metabolic response will be preservation and storage of fat as a readily available source of energy. It’s as if the body goes into starvation state. I’ve seen a lot of people fall into the trap of wanting to lo...
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In the system of nature extremes do not work well. It is said that anything in excess is poison. Nature prefers to work by ensuring a fine balance between everything. At the same time , we must not forget that the diversity is tremendous. What works for one may not work for another or may be even harmful. Ancient Ayurvedic principles (traditional Indian medicine system) lay emphasis on diet, exercise and attitude. One must eat well, exercise well and do good deeds in order to be healthy. Broadly...
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Here's the thing. You can focus on your food choices, and your weight will drop fast, but believe me, your skin, your hair and your whole look will be dry and unhealthy. When you are not getting enough nutrition in your body—or even if you are but you do not exercise, you will lose the weight but you will leave a lot of unwanted flab. When you focus on the working out, it will do good things, but things may just balance out if you take in just as much as what you burn. Say if you are unmin...
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